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Acting Theatre Profesor Carlos Vera, 20th March 2007


The engineering company AIRTREN and the Technical Superior School of Industrial Engineers of Madrid, with the sponsorship of METRO of MADRID and the support of the Comunity of Madrid, offered the opportunity to participate in a technical journey that took place 20th  March in the Technical Superior School of Industrial Engineers of Madrid.

This event allowed us to reach an ampler knowledge in the integral automatization of a metropolitan line with the most modern technologies, counting on the presence of distinguished members of European metropolitan lines, which exposed their projects and accomplishments of recent automatizations.

Also, it was proud for us to count on the visit of administrations and operators which presented, from the organizational and operative point of view, what projects have developed, those that they have in course, or they try to undertake.

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Mr.Ildefonso de Matías, Mr.Victor González, Mr.Javier González, Mr. Antonio Puyol y Mr. Juan Atonio Corbalán


Metraut, the first European Technical Journey was celebrated in Madrid on 20th March, 2007 with the assistance of more than 250 persons of the Railway sector.

The automatic underground gives confidence and safety at the time that manages to increase the transport capacity

1,7 trips are registered in underground by inhabitant and day in Madrid with trend to be increased. For it, Ildefonso de Matías, Metro Madrid General Manager, indicated " the need to increase the transport capacity in the downtown of the city, critical zone with risks saturation ", for closed the First European Technical Journey of Automation of Metropolitan Lines, Metraut celebrated in Madrid, last 20th March  2007, in the School of Industrial Engineers of the Technical University of Madrid.

Meter Madrid according to Javier Gonzalez, Metro Madrid Engineering Director, is analyzing the automation lines, as much of new construction as in service. First steps are giving in the area of platform screen doors with the objective to increase travellers and drivers safety, confort, quality service, and the preparation for the integral automation.

Víctor Gonzalez, of the Engineering headquarters of Metro Madrid, showed in the mentioned Technical Journey the process that has demanded a study of the art condition in the automatic technology of the existing undergrounds in the world, and of the platform screen doors systems. Shortly will be opened a public contest for installation of a pilot design that will allow to qualify the potential replicas de relojes omega suppliers of platform screen doors in the first trimester of 2008. Later, and with the selected companies, one will proceed to install platform screen doors, style Metro Madrid, on some stations until the end of 2009. In order to end installing platform screen doors in all the stations of one or several lines before June, 2011.

At the time, and as Antonio Puyol, Airtren Member Director explained, a study relative has been realized to the integral automation of a Metro Madrid line. One is consciously that the automation allows increasing the transport capacity, to adapt the offer to the demand of notably form, to manage automatically garage parking, and to increase the quality service. The study demonstrates the maturity of the available technology, proved in Paris, Singapore, Copenhagen, Lille, Stockholm, Núremberg, Turin, etc, with systems of bidirectional communications CBTC (Communications Based Train Control), of mobile canton, very experienced, and with more than 100 km of platform screen doors in service. Concluding, Antonio Puyol emphasized that the automation humanizes the underground generating confidence and safety, indicating, besides, that it promotes the service quality of the railway companies of the urban and metropolitan transport, reorganizing the procedures, improving the working places and integrating functions in the centralized control positions.

In the Journey opened by Jesus Felez, the director of the Superior Technical School of Industrial Engineers of Madrid and of the CITEF, also participated the meters of Paris, Núremberg, Stockholm, Turin and Barcelona, the Signalling systems companies manufacturers Siemens, Dimetronic, Bombardier, Alstom, Thales and Ansaldo, and the producting companies of platform Screen Doors vestidos de novia systems Manusa, Faiveley, Westinghouse, Oclap, Kaba and Vama, besides the sportsman Juan Antonio Corbalán with a conference on the automatisms in the human body and the reactions of game in the fields of basketball.

The organization of the Journey was the responsibility of Airtren, an engineering consulting and the CITEF, the Center of Investigation in Railway Technologies of the Superiro Technical School of Industrial Engineers, and the relied on the supervision and sponsorship of Metro Madrid.



Mr.Jesús Félez, Director de la Escuela Politécnica y Mr.Antonio Puyol

Speaker: Mr. Hans Söderstrom, moderating: Mr. José Manuel Mera


Speaker: Mr. Juan AntonioCorbalán

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